Training Tips

Set yourself up for success

First, make a game plan. We highly recommend hiring a professional dog trainer to lay the groundwork for successful training. Ask your veterinarian, local pet store employees, or friends and family with dogs if they have trainer suggestions. Once you’ve secured a trainer – and Crazy Dog® Train-Me! Training Rewards® – you’re ready to begin.

Establish Rules
& Be Consistent

Don’t want your dog jumping on houseguests? Climbing up on furniture? Don’t let them. Ever.
Be firm with your expectations and consistent with following through.

Use Positive Reinforcement

The most effective way to train a dog is to enthusiastically reward them every time they accomplish a requested task. This can include giving them a treat, petting and verbally praising them.

Train on Their Time

Sessions should be frequent but short. Stop as soon as your dog seems bored or uninterested. Afterward, reward them with play time or a walk, lots of affection, and more treats.

Have Fun!

Training brings dogs and people closer together. When you’re happy and having fun, your dog will form positive associations with training and requested tasks. Enjoy this time with your furry friend!